With style and grace: a profile of 100 professional black women working in america

A survey

Black women are a force in the professional space. In the past 50 years we have entered the workforce, propelled ourselves to top positions in Fortune 500 companies, become among the most educated individuals in the country, and expanded our entreprenuerial endeavors one hundred fold, to upwards of 2 million Black women owned companies in America. We are a force. Yet, despite our climb, we still are underpaid, under hired, under promoted, and undervalued in the workplace.

In order to see how pervasive these issues were, and get at the underlying causes of these realities, 100 Educated Professional Black Women were randomly surveyed. The results are not surprising, but put into numbers the very real reality of sexism and racism in the professional space and how rampant it still is. It shows that as far as we have come, the system has so much further still to go. Until equity is the norm and not the exception, and until we are valued as is in the workplace, diversity and inclusion will never be fully realized, and the wealth of experiences, creativity, and innovation of Black women will never be fully utilized in American companies. We influence fashion, music, hair, beauty, and consumerism. We are professionally and socially valuable... don't believe us, just watch.

Feel free to use this data, and quote the source.

-Karyn DeShields