Karyn DeShields has several years of interior design and planning for both private and business clients.   A career professional by day and creative force by weekend, she uses her unique style sensibilities to help bring the same level of creativity and personalization she puts into her own home into those of her clients. 

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Need to bring some life into your living room? Some order into your office?

The Bungalow can bring your style and functional needs to the design of your home. You may customize your package by selecting any combination of the following. 

floor plans

A complete floorplan based on the function of the space, for each room or the entire home or business

color analysis

A full and in-depth color analysis will be done to determine the best color scheme for the room and your personal style.  Color includes paint samples and full color scheme. 

room reports

A design report based on your personal style analysis, budget, and the functional needs of your room, including a complete print out of all furnishings and decor including a list of all purchases  This is for the person who needs help with their particular style and the function of the room, but would like some freedom to pick and choose their own items within a basic room scheme. 

shopping services

One to three shopping trips, with the client, will be scheduled for a total of 6 hours of shopping time.  Shopping services includes room set-up and staging. Local travel is free, all travel distances greater than two hours will be paid by the client. 

vendor services

If you require painting, flooring, installation of certain window treatments, or home contracting services, a list of vendor services can be provided for your area, free of cost. 

special projects

Personalization of wall art, furniture, and decor items.

One free special project is offered for the use of photos of room for web and marketing purposes. 


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